Shesparkleson.com was founded in 2015 after the shocking breast cancer diagnosis of founder Meghan Koziel at the age of 26 years young. She initially documented her journey through an online blog as a way to let family and friends know what was going on with her treatments during a time when having the words “I have cancer” were too difficulty to explain. She began describing in detail the highs and lows of every step of her breast cancer journey including sharing tricks, tips, and pics which captivated an audience much larger than her family circle.

Meghan has fascinated her audience through her unique and explicit story-telling of her journey. Her story has been shared across the world and broadcasted through social media outlets including instagram, facebook, self.com, dailymail.uk, Broadly through Vice Media, and amongst numerous reposts throughout the social media community.

Today, Meghan is moving past her treatments for cancer and is ready to transition into bringing her mission to “Sparkle On” to life. "Normally people come up with little slogans when they’re diagnosed, and I really wanted my slogan to not be personal to me, but for other girls to use it in my same situation”. To “Sparkle On” means that even in your most challenging days, the days where your bald, have dark circles, and skin hurts so badly you can hardly move, you will not feel pretty on the outside but you will always have that inner sparkle inside your heart that makes shine!" Always #sparkleon.

Meghan Koziel was diagnosed with stage 2b (ER/PR+, HER2 -) breast cancer on October 12, 2015 at 26 years young. She underwent IVF for egg retrieval, chemotherapy, a double mastectomy with lymph node dissection, radiation therapy, and breast reconstruction. During the day, she is a pediatric Occupational Therapist in a school for children with severe autism, and at night she is an accomplished blogger, social media advocate, and youtube guru. With her strong presence on social media, Meghan has also had the opportunity to work with countless brands. You can follow her personal journey on instagram @megokoziel or her blog www.shesparkleson.com.